How much does a trip to Ireland cost?

That dream trip to Ireland might be a lot more affordable than you had expected

So much of what we do starts with a simple question - 'how much does a trip to Ireland cost?'

It's the basis for our family business and it's the question that ensures we won't rest until you're experiencing everything that Ireland has to offer at a price that you're comfortable with.

With the introduction of low-cost transatlantic travel, even legacy carriers are being forced into a more competitive market and that's great news if you're thinking of taking a trip to Ireland from the US or Canada. However, the truth is that getting here is rarely the most prohibitive cost.

It's easy to budget for flights. Jump on over to Skyscanner, find the best price and you're all set. It tends to be everything that follows which puts a lot of people off. Where should you stay? What's the best way to get around? What should you see and do? And above all, how much is all of that going to cost?

They're the questions that we want to answer and we've come up with this short questionnaire to help us do exactly that. From there, we'll be able to give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay for your ideal trip to Ireland. Not only that, we'll even put together a customised itinerary based on your answers. If you decide not to travel with us, that's okay, the itinerary is yours to use as you wish.

We're passionate about the Ireland that we know and love. The Ireland that's full of culture and beauty and far removed from tired cliché. We want visitors to see everything that the real Ireland has to offer and we want to make sure they're able to do so for the right price.